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Welcome to Gina's Cruise Reviews

Let me introduce myself, I am Gina M. Pallotta and welcome to my new cruise review site. My husband and I are avid cruisers and were married on the Grand Princess on January 20, 2004 off the coast of Cuba! Since that time we have been on numerous cruises, on various cruise lines, including celebrating our anniversary on the Grand Princess, sailing for 14 days roundtrip to Hawaii from San Francisco in February 2020. That is the infamous cruise that ended up being quarantined and left floating outside of San Francisco for almost 1 week while they decided what to do with us as the ship had crew and passengers who had tested positive for Covid-19. We were finally allowed to dock in Oakland, California and after 2 more days of being quarantined on the ship we were then transported to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. We were quarantined for another 14 days before being allowed to return home. Luckily, my husband and I never tested positive for Covid. But it was certainly not the way we had hoped our cruise would end.

To be honest we were not sure we were going to return to cruising again after our experience. However, with the cruising industry essentially shut down for almost 2 years, we found ourselves wanting to cruise again. We have since been on a 12 day Royal Princess Cruise to Mexico in September 2022 and had a wonderful time. We are also scheduled in August 2023 for a 10 day cruise to Alaska on the Ruby Princess to celebrate my retirement from working over 30 years as a Clinical Psychologist.

As I near my retirement my husband and I have been contemplating what we would like to do and we both agreed that we would like to travel more and most importantly we would like to cruise as much as we could manage. I also realized that over our many cruise adventures that we have what we hope is valuable travel information, tips and suggestions for people interested in cruising; people of all ages and interests and especially our fellow baby boomers!

So remember our Youtube channel, Gina's Cruise Reviews, as we slowly roll out the next adventure in our lives. And remember to make everyday an adventure!

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